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Spring Ideas

Check out Armstrong Garden Centers' Spring inspiration and ideas gallery to find ideas to beautify your garden or landscape.

  • Simple rows are the best

    Even in very small gardens, simple rows are the best for edibles. It makes it easy to replace a crop once it’s finished. Just keep things rotating throughout the year. Here, a newly planted double row of basil is placed between lettuces and parsley, transitioning between spring and summer.

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  • Create Romance

    Pastel tones and lots of small flowers always combine to create femininity and romance. Here, calibrachoa, geranium, and bacopa centered with a scented geranium are the plant choices.

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  • Impatiens for Shady Spots

    You can’t beat impatiens for shady spots. When you have a beautiful wall planter like this on, keep the planting simple so the eye can appreciate both the planter and the plants!

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  • Success by Excess

    Nothing succeeds like excess. Planting in masses is a time-honored technique. Clipped green shrubs punctuate a mass planting of pink wax begonias edged white white-flowering ones.

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  • Succulent "Potscape"

    Create a small “potscape” in a low planter of any type using your favorite selection of succulents. Make sure it has drainage holes, however.

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  • Spring Kitchen Garden

    Early spring is a transition time in the edible garden. It’s not too late to plant fast-growing cool-season crops like lettuces, broccoli, and onions. Of course, a true kitchen garden has flowers for cutting, too.

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  • Create a Charming Collection

    Plant collections are always interesting—especially when they’re displayed in a charming way. The simple white wooden plant stand display herbs, flowers and strawberries.

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  • Windowbox happiness

    Windowboxes are the epitome of happiness. The key to success: trailing plants like Plectranthus, shown here. The upright plants are salvia and ornamental grass; mounding plants are various kinds of daisies.

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  • Country Garden Effect

    Who says a planter has to be a pot. Paint a favorite watering can in a bright enamel paint and plant it very simply for a country garden effect. This one’s planted with a pink-flowering oxalis.

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  • Container Mashup

    This is a great container mashup of red-leaved banana, black-leaved sweet potato vine, red New Guinea impatiens and golden Plectranthus.

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