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Waterwise Gardening

Below are a few tips and ideas to help you enjoy your garden and also be waterwise for California. We as Californians are resilient, resourceful and need to be respectful of our land and all that it bears.

Monte Enright, President and C.O.O. of Armstrong Garden Centers, discusses the drought and what it means for your garden.  Read More >

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  • 7 Ways to Help Trees and Shrubs Survive Heat and Drought

    It’s one thing to let our lawns go brown when water’s tight. Lawns can be replanted or reseeded fairly easily. Better yet: a thoughtful reimagining that results in a reasonably easy to achieve, and beautiful substitution.  Protect Trees and Shrubs Trees and shrubs are another matter, however. They are not easily replaced [...] Read Full Article
  • Firescaping with Waterwise Plants

    Firescaping with Waterwise Plants  (Note: This article is based on the principles outlined in the book Firescaping, written by author and designer Douglas Kent,      published by Wilderness Press.)  California will always suffer from wildfires due to its climate and terrain. A large portion of our state is a Mediterranean-type climate [...] Read Full Article
  • Colorful, Waterwise Flowers for Late Summer

    Is your garden looking a bit dull? High temperatures have taken a toll on just everyone’s garden. But no one needs to finish out the summer with drab outdoor surroundings. There’s a wonderful group of plants that provide late summer color (and into fall) that are not only beautiful but [...] Read Full Article
  • Daylilies Deliver

    Get that mental picture of the ubiquitous, narrow-petaled golden daylily right out of your mind.  Today’s daylilies are so much more than that.   New Colors To begin with, prepare to be bowled over with ravishing color. Cranberry red, dark purple, vivid pink, blackish-red, butterscotch, burnt orange, ivory cream, and startling combinations of [...] Read Full Article
  • Waterwise Garden Design

    Full Sun Project Project time: 1 day Shopping List: 4 – Glazed pots 36 inch wide or bigger 4 – 3 gallon Phormium 2 – 1 gallon Verbena bonariensis 2 – 1 gallon Euphorbia 4 – 1 gallon Rudbeckia 10 – 4 inch Gazania 10 – 4 inch Armeria 2 – 1 gallon Asclepias 1 – [...] Read Full Article
  • 20 Waterwise Plants

    No matter what style of garden you prefer, you can have a beautiful garden full of flowers that bloom throughout the year and are waterwise! Here are 20 of our favorite waterwise plants:   Learn more about Waterwise Gardening >     Facebook  Instagram  Twitter       Read Full Article
  • 15 Waterwise Flowering Plants

    15 Colorful Waterwise Flower Favorites Say “waterwise plants” and an image of prickly cacti and spiky succulents often comes to mind. But low-water plants can be flowery, romantic and colorful, too.       There are many flowering shrubs and perennials that require little water once they’re established. Many make wonderful [...] Read Full Article
  • Pasadena Waterwise Garden

    At Armstrong Garden Centers, we are committed to helping our customers and neighboring gardening communities learn how to garden responsibly by creating waterwise landscapes that allow them to enjoy their outdoor spaces as much as they ever have.   President and COO Monte Enright led the initiative   "As a native Californian, I don’t [...] Read Full Article
  • Waterwise Gardening - Water Saving Tips

    Don’t change your garden; change the way you water. Research shows that California’s residents use up to 25% more water than they need to maintain healthy, beautiful gardens. In fact, Armstrong Garden Centers’ experts suggest that our gardens and landscapes would actually be healthier if we watered less, but more effectively. It’s [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Waterwise Gardening Tips

    Tips and ideas to save water and still have a beautiful garden; get  started right away with a few easy changes.   Get more tips and ideas in our Waterwise section > Read Full Article
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